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Eastlake Baptist Church In Crown Point, Indiana

Another great summer selection for kids was at the Winston Salem Children's Museum, which offers multiple camps and programs for age 3 through 4th graders. These camps run all summer and give children creative time while still to learn. For detail read more...

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Faith Comes By Hearing The Word Of God The Implications

To date, the Rapture has become big business organization. There is music, TV, movies, DVDs, CDs and books galore based on the subject! And the Church now honestly believes this is really a doctrine that dates back to when the Messiah walked the e read more...

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The Christian Religion's Help Guide For Child Training

There occurs a in time the forseeable future when they will seek to kill True Believers and followers among the Lord Jesus who speak The Actual truth. Those who do this will believe they accomplish God's will, but in actuality it could possibly be read more...

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The Need For Spiritual Independence And The Bible

The real path to get affordable health surely includes daily steps. Prior to taking them, you'll need a positive attitude and then a willingness to eliminate yourself some slack after you must make course improvements.

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Can There Be A Christian Witch?

Specifically, once i was a white belt, I watched black belts execute the spinning heel kick or spinning hook kick. This is often a beautiful thing to watch, especially when black belts are board breaking.

The glee club tells their advisor